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Our Hiring Process

While there is no one standard process for all roles certain formats characterize our hiring approach.

Open Positions

The 30 minutes alignment

During this short introductory call, we’d like to get to know you, your ambitions, and your interest in our products get to know better. On the other hand, we’d like to answer your most pressing questions in order for you to assess if XCNT could be your new harbor.

The challenge

Whether you are an engineer, product owner, or manager, you bring valuable skills we’d like to assess. For each role, we have a thoroughly crafted challenge, which we ask you to work on. For people-oriented roles (e.g., engineering manager), we ask you to perform the case on-site with our team members.

The meet-the-team

We have never hired a talent who has met less than two members of the core team, and you can expect no less. Our culture can only be that strong because of our thorough culture screening. Hence, we hope you are as fired up as our team is to meet your potential new colleagues over a coffee chat in the office or a remote “cookie call.”

The lightspeed offer

When there is mutual trust and a positive vibe from both sides, why wait? That’s why we are moving super fast when all boxes are ticked on our side. We usually issue an offer 24 hours after our last interview or checkpoint.

Our Leadership Principles

XCNT's leadership team has always been multidisciplinary, with over 40 years of relevant work experience from various backgrounds. The main insight from this time can be summarized simply: XCNT's success will be largely shaped by good leadership. Therefore, XCNT has defined four leadership principles that serve as guardrails for all XCNT leaders:

# 1

Communicate Expectations

Communicating expectations and assumptions reducesuncertainty. Reducing uncertainty reduces stress.

# 3

Be the Ambassador of What We Struggle to Become

Nobody is perfect. But we strive for improvement every day. We need leaders who set a good example for this.

# 2

Serve our Team

We will achieve our goals if we stick together as a team. It is the responsibility of leaders to keep the team strong.

# 4

Stay Macro but Understand the Micro

Time is precious, so we need our leaders to keep their eyes on the prize while being competent to make good decisions.

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