We are XCNT.

A CleanTech Venture Builder.


Our Mission

We believe that the next wave of CleanTech innovation will be driven by deep tech, digital business models that leverage pre-existing products, technologies and customer relationships of industrial companies in an entrepreneurial fashion.

Our Focus

We are looking for new ways to address society’s most pressing issues at the intersection of four challenges.


With the transition to renewable energy sources under way, new challenges emerge around questions of reliability and viability of heat and electricity supply.


An outdated infrastructure clashes with rapidly changing demands caused by a ubiquitous thirst for data to enable human-centered services that increase the quality of living in smarter cities.


The urgent shift to emission-free automobiles, the emergence of new offerings in inner-city areas, and a logistics industry that has long run at maximum capacity are challenges that encourage “out of the box” solutions.


Our healthcare system and its professionals are facing demands of an aging society, consumerization of medicine, and a drive for efficiency through digitization while preserving the quality of care.

Our Recipe



We get inspired by having valuable conversations that help us learn about pre-existing assets of a company or the latest technology buzz coming from a new startup. But most importantly, we like to understand what’s going on in people’s lives and what’s bugging them. These are insights that help us connect the dots and capture valuable business ideas.



Once we identified a promising idea we refine it by testing its desirability, feasibility and viability in a lean fashion. If the idea keeps convincing us we form a team that has to deliver a meaningful proof of concept on the business model in a limited amount of time.



What started as an idea has now evolved into a startup with a dedicated team, a test roadmap to refine their value and growth hypotheses, and a runway to reach meaningful traction. We develop the right setup on a case-by-case basis; our first premise: let entrepreneurs do their jobs.



This is what we signed up for. We aim to build successful businesses. Ultimately, that means that our ventures will grow up, they will prove their legitimacy and they will need to look for partners and capital in order to scale up their businesses.

Our Ventures

The XCNT Team

We are a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and business developers working on the next generation of CleanTech innovation.

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Christoph Brand
Co-Founder / Lead Software Engineer
Dina Dürkop
Junior Venture Developer
Friedrich Arnold
Martin Welack
Software Engineer
Sebastian Graf
Sebastian Pekarek
Software Engineer
Tobias Grabmeier

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