Hello World. We are XCNT.


First of all: You may wonder how to pronounce our name (and that’s okay). It's X-CENT. Simple as that.

What do we do?

We are a tech company builder in the space of energy, infrastructure, mobility and health. That means that we search for business opportunities in the interesting intersection of these four fields. Once we find any, we will put each one in a separate entity and grow them as startups with separate teams.

Why do we do this?

Stay tuned for our next in-detail post on this, but in a nutshell: We believe that the next wave of innovation will be driven by deep tech, digital business models that leverage pre-existing products, technologies and customer relationships of industrial companies in an entrepreneurial fashion.

We believe that in Germany, Europe, and around the world there is a strong need for innovation in energy, infrastructure, mobility and health in order to change things for the better. Our challenges will not get solved by "business as usual". Instead, they require an approach of empathy, experimentation, and entrepreneurship in order to build solutions that make a difference.

That is why we came together at XCNT, driven by the common vision of growing successful businesses around that.

The XCNT Team (from left to right): Christoph Brand, Sebastian Graf, Tobias Grabmeier, Friedrich Arnold
The XCNT Team (from left to right): Christoph Brand, Sebastian Graf, Tobias Grabmeier, Friedrich Arnold

Who are we?

We're currently a team of four, working from a WeWork office in Berlin at Potsdamer Platz. As coders, designers and makers with tons of experience in building digital business we’ve got all we need to build new ventures. Also, we’ve already worked together at our last job, so we’re kind of confident that this will work out ;)

Every day we are thrilled to come to work because it currently feels like an expedition into unknown territory. But we are confident that we are going to arrive at something great. At the same time we are humble enough to know that our journey will be paved with rejections and failures and requires us to work together as a team.

Interested in learning more?

Feel free to get in touch. We love to get to know like-minded people. Shoot us an email or follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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Excited about building new companies in the space of energy, infrastructure, mobility and health.

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